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American Kestrel
American Kestrel

The Texas Ornithological Society Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and oversight of TOS, setting policy, and managing organization activities using volunteers and paid staff.


Position Name Residence
President Byron Stone  
Vice President Frances Cerbins  
Secretary Susan Foster  
Treasurer John Berner  
Past President Christine Turnbull  
Director At-Large Frances Cerbins  
Director At-Large Romey Swanson  
Director At-Large Byron Stone  
Director At-Large Clay Taylor  
Director Region 1: Panhandle John Berner  
Director Region 2: North Central Vacant  
Director Region 3: Piney Woods Laura Wilson  
Director Region 4: Trans-Pecos Vacant  
Director Region 5: Edwards Plateau Christine Turnbull  
Director Region 6: Central Prairie Randy Pinkston  
Director Region 7: Brushlands Susan Foster  
Director Region 8: Coastal Prairie Kendra Kocab  
Nominating Committee Vacant  
Field Trip Committee  Vacant  
High Island Sanctuary Committee Shelia Hargis Austin
Magic Ridge Sanctuary Committee Byron Stone Austin
Sabine Woods Sanctuary Committee John Whittle Port Arthur
Meeting Committee Christine Turnbull Austin
Publications Committee Susan Foster Rockport
Texas Bird Records Committee Tony Frank Houston
Awards Committee Jack Eitniear San Antonio
Membership Secretary Judy Kestner Corpus Christi
Online Registration Judy Kestner Corpus Christi
Publication Editor Jack Eitniear San Antonio
Web Master James Giroux Austin

Texas Ornithological Society

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Texas Ornithological Society

Welcome to the Amazing World of Texas Birds!

If you love birds, Texas is definitely the place for you! With eight different geographical regions to explore, each offering its own, unique wildlife environment; more than 660 species to be discovered; and a location adjacent to the tropical regions of Mexico and Central America, you never know what you might see when you grab your binoculars and head out!

Texas Ornithological Society is proud to promote the discovery, knowledge, observation and conservation of birds in Texas since 1953.