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TOS is proud to partner with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, which delivers research-based educational programs and solutions for all Texans. We enthusiastically endorse their youth camps and educational opportunities. and hope you will partake in some of them. Enjoy their Spring 2024 newsletter, The Flycatcher . ...

Weslaco Meeting from a First Time Attendee

By Karen Carpenter, Dallas Sunday, May 5   I write this as I’m frantically researching new county target lists on eBird, counting all the new birds I saw for my Texas list as I reach for 500, and plotting which counties I can get over 100 on our way home.  Today is the last day of my first TOS meeting in Weslaco, an experience I won’t soon forget.  One of my birding friends, ...

Be a Rio Diablo Birding Camp Sponsor!

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offers a youth birding experience each year, and TOS is pleased to share an opportunity to become a sponsor and help a student attend. This year the event takes place on June 11-17.  Beginning in San Antonio, the group travels to Big Bend, the Davis Mountains, Devils River SNA, a private ranch, Fort Clark Springs, and Kickapoo Caverns. Camp ...

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Welcome to the Amazing World of Texas Birds!

If you love birds, Texas is definitely the place for you! With eight different geographical regions to explore, each offering its own, unique wildlife environment; more than 660 species to be discovered; and a location adjacent to the tropical regions of Mexico and Central America, you never know what you might see when you grab your binoculars and head out!

Texas Ornithological Society is proud to promote the discovery, knowledge, observation and conservation of birds in Texas since 1953.